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This short history tells you about the very roots of Couleur Vocale...

The choir rehearses twice a month on Sunday evenings at the premises of the school of the Holy Family (Heilige Familie school) in Berchem near Antwerp. Formal prowess of music is not required, an audition for the conductor, taken after an ample training period, will determine whether you "have what it takes" to achieve the required vocal skills. To this end, the choir organizes vocal trainings for each voice group, adapted to the program at hand.

A chamber choir by configuration, Couleur Vocale masters a diverse pallet of musical styles. From the pupils of Bach and the French impressionists to the English Christmas Carols, they have all figured on our programmes over the years. The diversity of the musical styles and skills of our members may also be gauged by their performance as backing vocalists (both live on stage and in the recording studio) and their musical collaborations with both combo and big band orchestras. Working together with other vocalists and instrumentalists large classical masterpieces have been staged, like  Haydn's 'Die Schöpfung', 'Ein deutsches Requiem' by Brahms, 'Elias' by Mendelssohn and recently in Geel en Turnhout 'The Great War Remembrance Concert' in commemoration of the First World War.

The wide spectrum of our repertoire enables Couleur Vocale to provide the musical background to a range of festive events (marriages, receptions, conventions,...). In this repertoire predominantly the lighter genres of the western musical styles - ranging from the renaissance period to now - are presented. During events, choir members sometimes present themselves also as instrumental and vocal soloists. Some of our members have proven themselves as composers, having written customized choral arrangements of well-known pieces.

Our musical and social ambitions are equal and complementary. During the yearly weekend out, singers and family members alike enjoy a few days of relaxing musical and sporting activities.Chorists of the first hour and young members alike explore and expand their musical abilities under the artistic leadership of conductor Peter Van Hoof. Couleur Vocale loves a challenge and looks forward to every musical stimulus. Those who dare to show their true musical colours are welcome every fortnight in Berchem : have a peek at our contact page !

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